Pilates Studio

One session:

1 person - $85

2 people - $45 each

3 people - $35 each

Class cost: $25 each.


There are only 5 slots available so please email Ursulakak@gmail.com for availability.


Groups 4 - 5 are considered a class and needs to select from the times below. Please email for availability.


Class Schedule


Monday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00 AM

Tuesdays 10:00 AM

Wednesday, Friday 8:30 AM

Cost of Private Sessions Classes: "Ursula has great knowledge of human anatomy and can accommodate any personal physical strength or limitation. She easily works with multiple levels of Pilates skill in any class. She seems to enjoy teaching and seeing progress and her enthusiasm is infectious. Best of all, she is an extremely nice person!" -Sheryl Chew

Castlewood Canyon, Castle Rock, Colorado

Email: Ursulakak@gmail.com    Phone: (303) 332-9310

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