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Ursula was introduced to Pilates in 1998 for rehabilitation after knee surgery.  She loved how truly amazing she felt and looked as a result.  Ursula’s interest in the movement and rehabilitation led her to pursue multiple Pilates trainings and workshops.  In 1999 she started her Pilates training at the The Physical Mind Institute.


She discovered yoga in 2004 and immediately knew she needed to include this new interest and completed her first yoga certification that same year


In 2011 she received the first of 3 Barre certifications.


Each new certification has become a building block to create the teacher she has become.  Ursula's style is electric and purposeful, teaching with enthusiasm, clarity, joy as well as a well trained eye finding inspiration teaching all levels. Working with beginning level students best keeps her in the present moment staying clear with the intention of mindful work. She shares that mind body work (Pilates, yoga, and barre) is a way of life. The studio is only one place to practice this method. She will be forever a student, knowing that the greatest teachers are often the most curious students.

Ursula Kakos
“I have worked with Ursula for the past 12 years. In addition to working with her, I have tried other Pilates instructors and studios. No one compares to Ursula! She is the best instructor in the South Denver area and one of the best people you will meet. I owe my body, my health, and my sanity to her care and outstanding instruction!” -Amy

Castlewood Canyon, Castle Rock, Colorado

Email: Ursulakak@gmail.com    Phone: (303) 332-9310

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